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Animals are always happiest when they are in their own environment so home sitting is perfect whilst you’re away. Your pets will be able to remain in their own home and continue with their usual daily routines with as little disruption as possible. Most pets are used to their owners leaving as they know you’ll be back soon, that’s where I come in to make them feel as stress free as possible whilst you’re on your holidays. 
Whether you’re a cat or dog owner or have more exotic pets I can help when you plan to go away. Not everyone likes to put their dog into boarding kennels or cats into a cattery while they are on holiday, so to give you peace of mind I can offer tailor made,
in-home pet sitting in my own home. Whilst you’re away I can look after your pets for you so you can enjoy your time away knowing your pets are been looked after and are safe.

I provide group walks, solo walks and running sessions. I am here to give you peace of mind and to walk your dog whilst you are at work or taking care of your busy lifestyle. You won’t need to worry that your dog is stuck indoors all day or in kennels.  I take the dogs to different places throughout the week so they are spoilt for choice. Big fields to run in, long grass to jump through and small lakes to splash around in, you name it they will have it!